Newstar Richie 1

Newstar Richie 1 was a cute young boy model. He took many photos. He made 17 photosets. Newstar Richie 1 has dark brown eyes and curly light brown hair. He took his photos for Newstar modeling agency without his front teeth! It is visible in many of his photos.

Newstar Richie 1

What’s Newstar Richie 1’s real name?

Newstar Richie 1’s real name is unknown. Of course, his real name is not Richie. Newstar models’ screen names are different than their real names.

Set 2 Photo 17

When is Newstar Richie 1’s birthday?

His exact birthday has never been announced. His year of birth is estimated to be around 2000. It’s a pity he is not a little cute boy anymore. He is now an adult.

Set 5 Photo 48

What are Newstar Richie 1’s hobbies?

He likes football as well as basketball and rugby. He also likes jogging and yoga.

Set 7 Photo 45

Will there be any new updates of him?

Unfortunately, there will be no more updates. Newstar Richie 1 is now an adult and the modeling agency is not interested in him anymore.

Set 11 Photo 7

What did he wear on his first photoshoot?

He wore a dark green football set while he had a black football in his hands. He wore white long socks with a black football shoe. You could read ASTRA Hotel on his shirt.

Set 13 Photo 29

Did Newstar Richie 1 do any nude sets?

There is no nude set of him available so far. Most probably he has never done nude shooting. Another possibility is that he has done nude sets but they have never found their way on the Internet. It’s a mystery you should ask him to clarify!

Set 16 Photo 21

Did he wear underwear under his shorts in photo shoots?

Yes, he did. His underwear is visible in some of his photos. Newstar models tend to wear underwear during photo shoots.

Set 17 Photo 8

Does he have any tattoos or scars?

None is visible in any of his photosets. At the time of photoshoots, he apparently had no tattoos or scars.