Newstar Jimmy 1

Newstar Jimmy 1 is a cute model boy with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. He is a white boy from eastern Europe. He shot 30 photo albums with the Newstar modeling agency.

Newstar Jimmy Set 27 Photo 3

When is Newstar Jimmy 1’s Birthday?

His exact birthday is unknown. It’s estimated that he was born in 1999 which means he is now an adult. His age is close to Newstar Richie 1. We’re sorry that he is not a cute boy anymore!

Newstar Jimmy Set 25 Photo 35

Where can I find Newstar Jimmy 1’s photos?

A lot of his photos are available on the Internet. You can search his name and find more about him. On this page we have provided a few photos of him, too. You can also buy all of his set from his official site. The official site is censored in many countries. If you can’t access the official Newstar Jimmy’s site, you can use Tor to bypass the censorship.

Newstar Jimmy 1 Set 20 Photo 12

What’s his real name?

His real name is not known. Newstar models tend to have different screen names than their real names. Newstar Jimmy 1 is not an exception. Maybe one day we find him and asked him his real name!

Newstar Jimmy Set 5 Photo 55

What are his Hobbies?

When he was a child he loved to ride a bike. He also used to play sports like football and baseball. He was a fan of Call of Duty, too. Now that he is an adult, we don’t know about his new hobbies.

Newstar Jimmy Set 2 Photo 32

Did he Shoot any Nude Sets?

Newstar Jimmy 1 has never been seen nude. There is no guarantee that he has no nude sets, but as far as we know, he doesn’t. The best way to make sure is to ask him himself! All 30 photosets of him by Newstar are all non-nude.

Newstar Jimmy Set 29 Photo 35

Did he Wear Underwear in Photoshoots?

Yes, he did. Wearing underwear is common in all Newstar photosets. You can view the 16th photo of his 30th set to make sure! However, the underwear has never been a boxer or something more. It wasn’t a pair of briefs either. It was the minimum possible piece of cloth that could cover the area!

Newstar Jimmy Set 28 Photo 34