Newstar Jimmy 2 (Tonik)

Newstar Jimmy 2 also known as Tonik is the most famous Newstar boy model. He made 264 photosets for Newstar. He had been a model for other modeling agencies too (with the nickname Tonik).

Newstar Jimmy 2

Are there any Newstar Tonik’s Nude Sets?

Newstar Jimmy 2 (Tonik) has shot a full nude set when he was about 13yo. Newstar Jimmy 2’s nude set was exclusively and privately shot for a VIP customer. The nude set went viral on the Internet and it led to Pavel Rohel’s arrest.

Newstar Jimmy Set 50 Photo 9

Who is Newstar Tonik’s sister?

Newstar Jimmy 2 (Tonik) has a sister around his own age who is also a Newstar model. She shot a lot of photosets for Newstar, too. Her nickname was Ginger. Newstar Ginger and Tonik have also shot a photoset together (Jimmy Set 58).

Newstar Ginger and Tonik together

How Old is Newstar Jimmy 2 (Tonik)?

He is almost as old as Newstar Jimmy 1. It is believed that he was born in 1999. His latest photoshoots with Newstar took place at the time that he was almost an adult. He shot for Newstar for a long time. You can see him grow by looking at his sets chronically.

Newstar Jimmy Set 43 Photo 5

Did he participate in any videos?

Of course. Most of Newstar models have shot videos as well as photos. There are many videos of Tonik available out there.

Set 35 Photo 21

What color are his eyes?

His eyes are brown. He didn’t use any contact lens during photo sessions. You can see his natural eye color in all his photos.

Newstar Tonik Set 32 Photo 8

Where can I Download all Tonik photos?

Tonik has shot a large number of photos for Newstar as well as CAY. CAY website is down, but the Newstar official website is still working. You can purchase his photosets there. If you want to download them for free, there are some hidden services on the Tor network where you can find a full archive of Tonik.

Newstar Jimmy 2 Set 100 Photo 43

Is Newstar Jimmy 2 (Tonik) Homosexual?

He has never announced his sexual orientation publicly. It’s unknown whether he is homosexual or not. There are no comments from Pavel Rohel either.

Tonik in football set