Newstar CodyDream 1

Newstar CodyDream 1 is a white blond boy model who shot 30 photosets with the Newstar child modeling agency. Cody is originally from eastern Europe. His fame roots from his cuteness!

codydream 1
CodyDream 1

How old is Newstar CodyDream 1?

His birthday and exact age are unknown. It’s estimated that he was born in 2003. We know you don’t like to hear it, but he is now an adult!

Cody Set 11 Photo 12

Has Newstar CodyDream 1 ever Shot Nude Sets?

To the best of our knowledge, Newstar CodyDream 1 has never shot any nude photos with Newstar. We can’t be sure of that because nude sets are made for VIP clients privately and usually they don’t share it. If any CodyDream nude sets ever get leaked in the future, we will inform you here.

Newstar Cody Set 10 Photo 49

How does he Look like?

Cody is a white blond boy. He is neither fat nor thin. Most importantly, he is cute and lovely! He somehow looks like Newstar Richie 1. You can view some of his photos on this page.

Newstar Cody 1 Set 6 Photo 58

What’s CodyDream’s Real Name?

Newstar CodyDream’s real name is unknown as well as many other Newstar models. Newstar models use nicknames to avoid their real name being known. Cody is not an exception here. His real name is different than his screen name.

CodyDream Gray Set

Why do they Call him CodyDream?

Well, you expected him to be simply Newstar Cody, but you’re facing CodyDream. The term Newstar got censored in many search engines forcing the child modeling agency to remove it from the names of the models. They came up with the postfix Dream to make their child models unique (mostly in search engines).

Newstar Cody Set 14 Photo 35

What are his Hobbies?

He likes boxing and karate. He likes social activities, too. He chats a lot and loves to give speeches. He wants to be a vegetarian in the future, because his parents don’t let him cut meat for now. His boxing coach is also against it. He needs strong muscles for boxing.

Newstar CodyDream Set 12 Photo 8