Medical Life in the USSR Late 70s

A long time ago. In the USSR late 70s lived brother and sister. The boy’s name was Enis, and a girl named Katya. They were twins. They just turned nine years. One day, the mother said, gathering them to school.

Enis! Katya! After school, please go to the clinic and take a medical certificate. You will soon go to the children’s sanatorium and certificate necessarily need.

But, Mom! – Enis immediately began to whine – Today the school is a pioneer parade. We will not make it on time.

You have time after the parade! – said his mother.
Enis disliked and feared doctors, but was afraid to argue. Children dressed up and went to school at solemn line and parade.
After school, they went to the clinic. The doctor listened to them. Measured their height, weight and made other inspections. At the end of the inspection, he said to them.

Children! You now need to go to the infectious room to make analyzes – The doctor gave them a referral.

Before that, you have to go to the lab and take the clean tubes. –
Enis and Katya went to the lab and showed their referrals to laboratory assistant. He gave them clean test tubes, into which long glass rods were inserted and told to go immediately to the infectious room.

And why do we need these tubes? – asked Enis.

There you will see – was the answer laboratory assistant. He easily slapped the boy on the back of his shorts and laughed.
Children did not like it. They stood a moment before the door of the infectious room until did not dare to go insideā€¦
Children entered the room. The nurse sitting at her desk. She turned to him:

Good day. Give me your referrals. Why you went together?

This is my sister – said Enis. He gave her a referral and tube.

And this is my – said Katya, holding out his referral.
The nurse looked at their papers.

Quotha.You twins?


Alright. Then stay, just remove your shoes and hats and sit down on the couch.

You are scared? – Kate asked her brother, removing shoes.

Tut-tut! Not at all. – he answered, although in fact, he was ill-at-ease.
Children sit on the couch. The nurse finished writing, got up from the table and began to prepare medical tools for upcoming procedure.
The children looked at her manipulation.

And it will not hurt? – Katya asks.

No no! Do not worry. Maybe just a little bit – Nurse smiling. Children scringe.

Why are you such elegant today?

We had a school parade today – said Katya.

Got it. – The nurse walked over to Katya, holding in one hand a metal spatula and the other – a long, thin stick with cotton. – Open your mouth wide.
Katya opened mouth obediently, nurse spatula pressed on her tongue and stick easily tickled his cheek.
Enis got up from the couch and curiously watched the nurse manipulation at his sister.
The nurse finished the procedure and walked over to the preparation stand to change the tool for Enis.
The boy saw that his sister nothing terrible has happened. He cheered and tried to attack his sister to give a fillip.
Kate defended arms. Children played out.

Quiet! Quiet! – The nurse with a tool to Enis went and took the analysis from his mouth.

Stand up, children! – said nurse – Now you have to pull down your pants and underpants.

Why? – Enis worried – you do injections?

No, don’t be afraid. But the next exams should be taken from your buttocks.

Oops! – said the surprised children.

Who among you will be the first? – nurse asks them, taking in his hand a stick with cotton and sitting down on the couch.
Enis pretends he can’t undo the shorts. He was fumbling with a button. The nurse sees it.

Katya, you’ll be the first. Lift up the skirt and pull underpants to the knees.

Does it hurt to be? – Kate worries, approaching the nurse and raising the skirt.

No. Do not be afraid. – The nurse encourages her.

Lower below! Bend over my knees and rest elbows on a couch. – The nurse orders her.
Enis still potters with the tight shorts and can’t lower them.
Katya lays down on the knees of the nurse and that one hand opens her buttocks and the other hand runs a wet stick about the anus and even slightly gets inside. Katya giggles and shivers.

Quietly, quietly – the nurse calms her.
Enis, at last, has undone the shorts and has lowered them. He with concern looks at buttocks of the sister and a stick in the hands of the nurse who gets in her small hole.
The nurse finishes with Katya and releases her.

Don’t put on underpants yet, it is necessary to make one more analysis. Go here! – She said to Enis – Now your turn.
The nurse hides a stick which has been applied to Katya and changes it for new.
Children are interchanged positions.

It was sick? – Enis asks Katya, passing by her.

No, it was a little ticklish. – Katya answered cheerfully.

Lay down on my knees and weaken buttocks – Nurse speaks to Enis.
Katya covers a smile with a hand, seeing as her brother is afraid of the forthcoming procedure a little.
The nurse moves apart Enis’s buttocks and begins to scrape a wet stick around the boy’s anus.

Don’t shiver, I to you will make nothing terrible – She calms him.
Katya bends to see better all procedure which the nurse does on her brother.

Remain here and wait. – the nurse said, releasing boy.
The nurse move to preparation table. Enis stand up and turn to the sister.

Oh! – smiling he told and cover genitalia with palms.

Hee, hee – his sister begins to tease – I saw your small hole and as stick entered it.

Big deal! – Enis has burst out laughing – I saw yours well too. And small chink. Hee, hee!

Kiddies! – with reproach the nurse has said – calm down already, or I’ll show you the door now and you will has fun there with lowered pants.
Nurse has taken one of tubes which was brought with themselves by children and has pulled out a glass rod from there.

Climb with knees on couch – nurse to Enis ordered and turned to Katya.

So, little lady, turn away please. To you still early to consider details of naked boys –

Big deal – Kate objected – I thousand times saw Enis naked, as well as me too.

It’s clear – Nurse answered – but if he doesn’t hesitate of you, then I you will be. Turn away!
Katya, it is offended turned facing a case and begin to consider the drugs which are there.
The nurse approached to Enis with glass rod on call.

Bend down stronger, expose the bottom up. – Nurse ordered.
The boy obediently bent and touched the couch by elbows, but the nurse all the same remained is dissatisfied.

Even lower! Bend aback, it is necessary that your bottom revealed. – said she.
Enis bent a back more and touched a couch by face and shoulder. It at last suited the nurse and she bent over him having exposed a rod.

Oh! Ah! Oh! A-a-a-a! – Katya started from unexpectedly loud cry of the brother and was reflex wrapped.
She saw as the nurse deeply thrust a glass rod in the priest Enis and vigorously rotate it there. The boy screwed up face and tense in pain.

Hurt! It’s a hurts! – he groan.
The nurse is a little more but intensively picks the rod in Enis’s rectum and then took out it.

You what shout as a baby? Difficult to endure? – reproachfully she told the sobbing boy, hiding glass rod back in a test tube.

Bring it on. Get up and release place for sister.
Enis slowly sit down on couch and began to wipe the appeared tears. His ass screams with fire.
The nurse goes back to preparation table. She’s passes by Katya who contracted from pavor and touches her shoulder.

Now your turn. Go on a couch. –

Ooh! –
Enis gets up and release to Katya place on a couch.

What? It was very sick? – the girl asks brother, passing by him.

Leave me alone! Itself you find out soon. – Enis turns away, without wishing to show to the sister the tears and tries to pull underpants.
Katya lifts a skirt, sits down on a couch and with a pavor looks at the approaching nurse.

And I can lay down sideways? – plaintively she asks.

Well. – Nurse agrees – lay down sideways and an arm move apart a breach.
Enis doesn’t see and doesn’t listen to them. His poor bottom still burns from within and he is screwing up the face rumples arms the ass cheeks, trying to appease residual pain.
Katya keeps within on a couch and a palm moves apart a breach up.

Only deeply don’t thrust a rod, please, please. – She turns around to the nurse and beggarly asks.

Ok, I will try to make it easier, but you should endure a little – Nurse persuading the girl.

Incurvate legs stronger in knees and bring closer to stomach. Move breech up – She orders to Katya and inclines to him.

Aaaaa-ah! – Enis hears as his sister shouts and turns around.
The nurse deeply stuck a glass rod in Katya’s rectum and intensively moves and twists it here and there.

Please, not need! Enough! – the girl begs the nurse, but she don’t pay attention to her groans and continues the procedure.
At last, the nurse takes out the rod from the girl’s anus and hides it in the test tube.

And what you are such gentle? It was really so sick? – she grumbles.
Katya turns over on a stomach and tries will cope with an internal burning sensation.

Yes! – she groans – me still very painfully! – tears drip from the girl’s eyes.

Well. – Nurse regretted his, departing to preparation table – now I will enter the anesthetizing medicine into your bottoms.
She notices that Enis hasty puts on shorts, using what about him was forgotten so far.

And you where gathered? – she addresses Enis – early still to leave, quickly take off pants and go to a couch.
The nurse takes couple of flexible catheters in hand and turns to the boy. Enis is driven by a back into the corner and with a pavor looks at the nurse approaching him.

No! No! – the boy shouts – I any more want nothing. At me already everything passed!

Odd fellow – Nurse tries to abirritate him – I don’t believe that at you everything passed. It won’t be sick at all. On the contrary.
The nurse grabs Enis hand and tries to pull out him from a corner.

No! No! – the boy very much rests – You already said what won’t be hurt, and it was hurt!
Katya screwing up the face slips from a couch and still holds the disturbed bottom. She turns around and looks as the nurse tries to pull out her brother from a corner.
At last the nurse bothers to struggle with the boy. She breakthrough pulls out Enis from his shelter and gives him quite strong slap on buttocks.

Quickly take off shorts and bend over a couch! – Nurse orders to the boy.
Enis after a spank gives up at once and sobbing goes to a couch again pulling down the shorts at one hand.
Children get up facing a couch and bend down. The nurse lays down one catheter on a couch. She lower Enis’s underpants by means a free hand.

Bend even more! – She orders, bringing closer a catheter to the boy’s anus.

Oh! – Enis has felt as the slippery and cold catheter has got into his asshole. However, contrary to his expectations, it wasn’t painful. The nurse has entered a catheter on sufficient depth and left it there.

Squeeze buttocks and wait – she has told the boy, passing to Katya.
Katya at penetration into her of a flexible tube from surprise has shuddered and has tried will become straight.

Quietly, stand quietly, there is nothing terrible. – Nurse has interrupted her attempt to rise and has also deeply entered a catheter.
It really hasn’t appeared painfully.
The nurse has approached to preparation table and began to gather medicine in the syringe.
Children look behind her manipulations. Catheters hanged down from their bottoms in the free end.
Having seen as the nurse fills the syringe completely and directs it up, they start over again being afraid.

You to us will give shots? – with a shiver in a voice they ask.

No, no, be not afraid. – Nurse answers – you see, I have even not taken a needle. Anaesthetic substance will be entered to you through catheters.
The nurse approaches Enis and attaches a syringe cannula to the free end of his catheter. She slowly injects medicine into the boy, gradually extending a catheter from an anus. Enis feels as the irritation in his rectum begins to disappear at once.
Katya looks back and with alarm watches this procedure.
The nurse stops pressing the syringe piston and takes out a catheter from Enis.

That’s all. – she speaks to the boy, – now you can get up.
Enis gets up and indecisively begins to tighten underpants. He doesn’t believe yet that for him everything has already ended and furtively watches how the nurse injects anesthetic into his sister.

Kids, you were very brave. Good fellows! – Nurse speaks to them – now you can dress. Your doctor will have results of your analyses in three days.
Children silently put on, still enduring all event with them in this room.

Already nothing hurts me. And how at you? – Eneas asks the sister, filling a shirt in shorts.

At me too everything has passed – Katya answers.

If I knew that here it is necessary to me, I would run away. –

Yeah? Where you would get to? All the same it would be necessary to go later, and mother would become angry –

Damn. It is true. –
Children have become cheerful.
They take the footwear and put shoes on.
Before leaving, they turn to the nurse who sits at a table and writes down information from their referrals in a big notebook.

Good bye, Nurse. – said Katya.

Bye. – said happy Enis.

Bye bye, kiddies – she answers smiling – come to us again.

No-o-o-o! No! It is better you come to us.