Boy Model Danie Set 2

JYP’s head Park Jin-Young himself produced Boy Story’s upcoming title track “Enough,” with which the group will freely promote in China for about a year. According to a source, “Enough” delivers a message that Boy Story does not need fancy appearances. As a matter of fact, they believe that music itself is “enough” to showcase their talents and energy.

In addition to debut, the group will also host a debut showcase tour in China. Staring with Guangzhou on September 22, they will travel to Taipei, Shanghai, and Beijing to greet their fans who have been waiting so patiently for their comeback. By hosting a tour immediately after a debut, the group intends to prove their skills and already well-developed fandom.

Meanwhile, Boy Story is a group that JYP China and TME (Tencent Music Entertainment) co-produced in order to target the Chinese market. This new hip-hop boy group consists entirely of Chinese members, whose ages averages at 13 years old. The members include Han Yu (14), Zi Hao (13), Ze Yu (13), Xin Long (13), Ming Rui (12), and Shu Yang (11).

Ahead of their official debut, Boy Story has released 4 singles in the past year. The project was entitled “REAL! project” which they had begun with first single “How Old R U ” in September, 2017. Afterwards, the group released “Can’t Stop” in December, “Jump Up” in March, 2018, and last single “Handz Up” in June. Park Jin-young also produced these four singles, which managed to top “QQ Music MV Chart” – the biggest music chart in China.