Funny Kid Sleeping in the Bathtub

The water in the bathtub is cold but this boy is asleep in the bathtub. Can you really sleep in the bathtub full of water for the night? Check this discussion. Download this video:

As the holidays are wrapping up many of us are wondering how our friends and family liked our tiny house. They commented on the incredible craftsmanship. They enjoyed the morning light coming through the sky tube. My mother even said the stove was a good size for one of those “foreign looking jobs.” But oddly enough the room grew really heavy when it came time for bed. I can’t figure out why. I gave my parents my sleeping loft and from what I understand my momma only hit her head twice and my dad learned by night two to wear socks so his feet wouldn’t freeze hanging off the end. My sister looked quite comfortable on my “couch” (you know, the one I have talked about before that I am so proud of…remember? It’s a couple of navajo blankets corded up around some egg crate to make cushions?) Her husband said he didn’t mind the floor. I did, after all, let him use my Therm-A-Rest! If anything, it should be me who was reticent. I slept in the bathtub trough with a few throw pillows. Buy hey, solid exchange for the joy of living tiny, right?