EuroProModel Nakita CD 5

This set is the continuation of the previous photo set. EuroProModel Nakita is seen in 3 different speedos here as well. His athletic body and smooth soft skin makes all photos special.

Please ignore the rest of this post. The rest of this post consists of comments made by nudists on how they feel about preteen boys wearing speedos on the beach.

Pre-teen and teenage boys usually look the best in speedos along with college swim and dive team athletes. In Europe most men wear small bathing suits. Most shouldn’t because they don’t have the body for it. I was in Denmark and went to an indoor pool and had to rent a swim suit. It was very small but all the men and boys wore them and I got used to it.

As a nudist… I am not in favor of teens wearing Speedos. If I could have my way… teens And pre teens would and should be nude at the beach or pool…teens look better nude any way, and should proudly strut their naked bodies and anatomy. The changes their bodies undergo are beautiful and they should be proud of it. My son always swam nude and was proud showing off his body and anatomy.

Pre-teens are beautiful when nude and are the epitome of innocence and care free life. I would strongly advocate for nude pre teens both male and female.

It kind of depends on the community so if you’re in a community pool where little kids mother’s present you probably best to wear you know boarding shorts or regular swimsuits. On the other hand at the Olympics school where I go everybody even young kids wear Speedo swimsuits I noticed. At the American Olympic tryouts everybody was wearing tight fitting around the legs from the butt down to the knee I had somebody else has me about wearing thongs I wondered as some guys would wear thongs for swimming but apparently not on the swim team. I think it also depends on how beg your packages is see below is he immodest or not? He is Olympic swimmer.

How do I feel about preteen boys wearing speedos on the beach? I think it is fine. Although, I think Speedos are not particularly the best brand of bikini-style swim suits to wear. Personally, I prefer Turbo, Aussiebum or Agon bikini-style briefs. I think they have a nicer cut to them and I really like the graphics that they have on them.

Now, in terms of preteen boys wearing speedo-type swimsuits, as opposed to swim shorts, I think that type is the best type to wear. The bikini-style swim suits are easy to take along because they are so small that you can put them into a backpack or bag very easily, even into your pocket if you need to. Also, they dry super fast because of the material they are made of and because they have a lot less material than shorts have. And then, I personally think they look a lot better than do shorts.

If there is an age group that could pull it off it’s this age and younger. Hairless bodies, often thin skinny boys. Not yet worried about spontaneous erections. Nothing more than a bump down there. Also think were it not for erections guys up to 30ish can pull it off if well groomed. Once beer bellies, and hairy bears become the norm. Not so much.

Young boys look cute in swim briefs! If I had a young son, that’s all I’d buy for him to wear.

I would have no problem with it. They usually don’t have much of a bulge at that age.

speedos were the only thing a boy could wear when I was growing up, so kids wearing them now, its still no big deal

Could care less. I think its completely appropriate and common, though less common then it used to be. If old enough, i’d let the boy decide for himself, with limits of course. Appropriate Speedo (I think you just mean brief type suit here since Speedo makes all types of suits) would be only a regular brief with a side seam, like you see competetive swimmers wear that are wearing briefs. The brief style is also becoming more common for teen boys (14-18) who compete. At the last swim meet I went to, last weekend, I’d say maybe 4 in 10 wear brief style and the others wear jammers.

Lastly, keep in mind the age factor. There is more flexibility in terms of what’s appropriate for a preteen boy. At the beach it can be appropriate for a small boy to swim in underwear, unless the boy is old enough to be embarrassed. Any brief is at least a swimsuit.

Turns me on I love young boys in Speedo’s even adults love being gay.

Speedos or swim briefs is acceptable for anyone to wear at the beach or pool or sunbathing at the park. I find this question wouldn’t be asked if more guys f every age was to wear them, they are easy to move in and quick drying not sure why more don’t wear but hey all those who want to should.

Brief swimsuits (such as speedos) are most appropriate for males to wear on the beach whether the person is a preteen or in his 70’s.

Don’t care. If you really need to know more then here it is

Preteen boys don’t have many worries and that is great
Once boys start entering puberty then their body will go thru changes. If they stick with the swim brief, then good for them to have the confidence.
There ya go. Other than those thoughts it does nothing for me. I might glance because that is what people do when they see movement, but I go back to whatever I was doing.

Preteen boys wearing swimming trunks on a beach is a commonplace and normanl thing in many places. It’s not an issue.

It seems you may be seeing problems where there are none.

Perfect time to start wearing them. It will build confidence in you. Of course this might lead to wearing less and less till you try a clothing optional beach and never go back.

I don’t care what preteen boys wear on the beach, I’m too busy swimming or sunbathing.

I see no harm in preteen boys wearing Speedos. Its everywhere preteens wears. Speedos looks in tanning skin color. If they want to wear it fine.

It’s not a big deal. In most situations, people just don’t care. Until late 90s, most men and boys wore speedos on the beach and this wasn’t an issue at all. Unless you live in an overly conservative country no one would point a finger at a boy for wearing speedos.

As it their own business, I don’t care one way or the other. As long as they are not being lude, bothering others, or breaking the law, they can do as they please.

At some beaches. It is ok for preteen boys to wear Speedos at the beach. Just wear what ever swim suit most guys are wearing to the beach you are going to.

I wore speedos to the beach when I was a preteen and teen age boy. I love them even now!

What’s the issue here? I don’t see what is there to ask about feelings of preteen boys wearing speedos or guys of any age group for that matter. They’re fine swimwear and looks especially great on guys who take their fitness seriously. I was raised in a British colony and that was what all guys wore to the beach.

It’s ok. It’s also ok to be nude for pre-teens. It’s also ok to wear a different brand bathing costume.

We did. It’s pretty normal.