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You may ignore the rest of this post. It’s just an erotic story.

I was twelve years and seven months old when this story begins. I live with my father, who has got all sorts of problems since our mother left us. He had heard that he might get work if we went to live in the Gorbals area in Glasgow. Now this area has improved since the shipbuilding closed down but in those days it was a very rough tough area. I used to go to a posh private school when my mother was around and had worn nice clothes – indeed I had done some modelling work for TV which had got me some very smart clothes but that was in my previous life and it was difficult to realise that it was less than a year ago. We were settling in and making the best of a bad job when we had what we thought then was a stroke of luck. My father got a letter from a man who said he was from the company that had employed me as a model. I quote from the letter although I am using my memory as the letter was stolen I am been asked by a company that intends to market traditional clothing for boys to market some designs in the field. They are interested in not only the wearer’s reactions but of other boys response to the clothing.

Each set of garments must be worn throughout the test period, which will vary between a week and a month and the various boys’ reactions will be observed. No feedback will be required as our observations will be more reliable. In order to continue in our employ your son must agree to wear each garment as directed for as long as the test requires. The test will be carried out during the term time but the boy is expected to select his favourite clothing of the previous term for holiday wear. To ensure that he only uses the experimental clothing all his existing garments need to be sent to us if he agrees to partake in this modelling assignment. This includes everything as underwear, and even pyjamas need to be of our design. Moreover at the end of each stage normally each stage will last a term the previous term’s clothing will need to be replaced.

Payment will be made, as following 30% will be paid each week and the rest one week after the start of the next term if ALL the conditions are fulfilled. If they are not fulfilled, the 70% will be sacrificed. Since the 30% will be scarcely enough for the two of you to live on and since work is hard to come by in your area we will organise a loan for each term if you require it. It will be paid out of the 70% if your son has earned it otherwise it will be subject to a 50% per term interest.

I didn’t realise nor did my father apparently that this would be a perpetual arrangement as he started to amble and very little was left to repay the loan. Anyhow I was not worried initially as the clothes were well made and attractive.

I was not doing too well at school as I am a bit of a swat and not good at the rough and tumble sports at my new school. If they only played cricket, tennis or chess I could have made a name for myself as a sportsman.

The first week was a grey herringbone long trousered suit with white shirt and a school type tie. I was teased at school as all the other boys were in old jeans but not seriously. That only was worn for one week and the next was a grey flannel suit with what my father told be were Oxford cut long trousers that is very wide in the leg – a bit more teasing but not too serious.

I thought the third week would have been OK as I was in Scotland although I personally did not like wearing a suit with a kilt and all the trimmings. The other boys thought it hilarious that I a Sassenach should wear a kilt especially as none of them could afford one! It was worse as they kept one seeing what I had underneath it and I had been given silk girlish panties. However some older boys solved that one by pulling them off me and said that a Scotsman wore nothing beneath his kilt.

I complained to my Dad but he said that “What’s a Scotsman wore under his kilt was an old chestnut and it was a common joke to check.” I didn’t really understand and although it was the first time that anyone outside my immediate family had seen ‘What I had got’ I accepted it. I was upset that every day they took off my underwear until I had nothing to wear under the kilt but I kept quiet about it. The boys continued to check but they didn’t do anything else.

I had to wear this kilt for no less than three weeks. The examinations by the older boys got steadily worse as no longer was it just checking that I had nothing beneath the kilt but they did different things thus they used marker pens to write things like ‘this MUST stay uncovered’ and an arrow pointing to my privates.

However worse was that I started to erect under their gaze and they started to handle me. Eventually I climaxed although I did not understand what had happened. Once I had done this it became a daily occurrence and the older boys often invited my form mates to watch or worse to participate. I didn’t mention this to Dad as he had reacted so negatively to the earlier examination.

The examinations became steadily worse. Sometimes an instamatic camera was used and I did little to cause them to stop as I nearly always ended up begging and in tears.

The next garment was another kilt and although I didn’t realise initially the bullies did – it was a girl’s garment! The boys decided that since I was a girl I couldn’t have a penis and I was not allowed to touch it they however would play with me until I was bursting to cum then I would have to suck their own cocks until they came and swallow the liquid. It was awful, as I would then have to spend the rest of school with the desire to come and the taste in my mouth but not allowed to cum or drink anything to get rid of the taste. Many of my classmates were in on what was being done and would feel be up until I was on the verge or make me kiss their cocks between lessons. I had to use this ‘uniform’ until the end of term and I was looking forward to wearing the herring bone suit and being free from the bullies.

However, one of them said on the last day of term, “I want you to come and stay with me for two weeks and the holiday and you can invite me over for another week I will share your bed. Before you say ‘no’ remember the photographs we took of you…”

So I was not to get rid of them that holiday! I hoped that Dad would say ‘No’ to an older boy sharing my bedroom but all he said “I’m pleased to see you are settling down at last at the new school. See if you can keep him happy as a senior friend will help you with your classmates.”

It was awful. He kept on thinking new things to make me do. I knew better than resist especially after he produced a very long cane and showed me how it would hurt if I stepped out of line. I can only mention a few here. For example one day there was a knock at the door and I was sent to answer it. I was nude as my clothes were always locked away unless I was going out. It was his girl friend who was amused to see me like that and I had to let her handle me. It was the worst thing that I ever thought had happened to me until he asked her to let him fuck her and she refused. He said, “It’s no great deal I will fuck him and you can see that he will not make much of a fuss.” He then whispered to me, “If you know what is good for you , you will keep very quiet – if you make a noise you may life or… “

Can you imagine being fucked for the first time in front of a girl and not daring to scream out! Moreover after that my arse was used regularly and not only by him and his mates but he hired it out to all and sundry! This not only included men that I had never seen but also the school caretaker and the sports master. From what was said other members of staff at the school would be using me during the next term! I thought seriously about running away but I seldom had any clothes and the ones the bully let me wear on the rare occasions I went out were scarcely respectable and if they were he would stat near me!

Dad was no use as he was drinking and gambling away the money, which I earned!

It was even worse when he came to stay at my house. Only when Dad was around did I have aby clothes and the bully sorted out my remaining clothes and most disappeared even things like large towels so that I only had towels which I couldn’t wrap round my waist! Worse he went though Dad’s things are found the telephone number of the man who provided the dreadful clothes. I don’t know exactly what was said but the bully told me some of the things.

I would no longer be allowed any underwear.
On Mondays I would go wearing last week’s clothes to the rear of his house where I would strip completely put all the clothing into a shed which had a self locking Yale lock close the door and wait for him to throw out of his bedroom window this week’s clothing. He would usually wait until He was leaving for school so I was liable to be late!
The week’s clothes would now include games, PE and swimming kit, which he would put in my locker when they were required. I still think that often that the bully rather than the distant adult provided them.
He had told the man that no teacher would make trouble and that my father was more interested in drinking and gambling than in me.
He would ensure that I did exactly as instructed. He even had a key to my house and would check on me regularly. I would have to keep my curtains open and a friend of his could see into my room and the bathroom with a good telescope. That person could also rig up a walkie-talkie so he could give me instructions. Apparently that man would enjoy making me wank myself facing the open window. I knew a street light would light me up as well as of I had been floodlit but I was to find that I had to keep all my room light on as well ‘It would attract any passer- by to look in’ It was also to enable a telephoto camera to be used but I did not know about that!
I was to do my homework sitting naked on a stool facing the window and at a time when the local boys would be playing in the street and there would be many cars, cyclists and pedestrians passing.

Anyhow, before term started my room was clean of anything illicit for me to cover myself and anyhow I knew that I had to obey even when I was alone.

The first ‘uniform’ for the term was a pair of well-worn lederhosen. They looked as those they had been made for a ten year old they were too small for me to wear comfortably and they were short in the leg to put it mildly!

The next was also a pair of lederhosen but the were too big and since they had large buttons at the side to hold the flap closed rather than a zip, I felt anybody at my side could see what I had got as the flap bulged obscenely! I knew that the boys in my class who sat on either side of me – I had been moved to a triple desk at the back of the class at the start of this term – l knew I could be wanked without undoing the flap although the buttons were often undone. The number of times I had to stand up to answer a question with my cock throbbing and visible to all. Twice during that week I actually came in this situation and all over my books!

By the end of the week, the lederhosen were badly stained inside both at front and back and I had found out that my form master not only knew about me but he knew how to use his huge equipment when he kept me in. He also like using the cane but that hurt less even when I had to drop the lederhosen in front of the whole class.

The next week I was please when I was given the garments – a traditional scout uniform even if the shorts were miniscule. I soon found that there were other problems. The bottom of the shirt ended with an elastic waist. The shorts were no held up by the scout belt but by elastic and there were made for a plumper boy. I think every boy in the school pulled down the shorts. Moreover the school’s attitude to scouts was that they were for the rich. The main bully arranged that the miniscule shorts were covered with other boys’ spunk. I knew better than to clean it off.

I had other more pressing problems. My swimming trunks disappeared and school rules meant I had to swim nude AND get 6 of the best before dressing. The sports master had already had fun with me and decided I should join the swimming team’s coaching sessions. This meant an older group of boys see me both naked and caned but he did not enter the changing room afterwards until all the other boys had had their fun with me. I was unable to leave as my kit had disappeared. The teacher then let me earn my clothes back but I think I would have preferred to go home naked. I was not surprised when this became a regular occurrence. Nor indeed when the same thing happened to my PE kit with the same result. However at the coaching session the main bully pointed out that I was erect. I had to masturbate facing the older boys but that did not make my ordeals afterwards any the less horrible!

The bully suggested to my father that after school I went to the bully house to do my homework. As you can imagine while I was clearly top of my form when I started at the school, my performance was slipping because everything that had been happening to me but also I expect because some of the staff were marking me down unfairly. About a third of the staff were enjoying my body but did not want that to be the reason for obvious favouritism but the rest saw me as a bad influence so again my rankings would suffer. Of course I might just be wrong about this!

When I was at the bully’s home, the last thing I was allowed to do was homework. Even when there were no guests there was his adult biker brother whose house it was who wanted servicing or the boy himself would give me additional ‘training.’ One of the worst ways that he would train me was to take me to a very run down local toilet in a park. Two cubicles there had a large hole between them I would have to strip stand with my cock through the hole. He would handcuff my hands behind my back and tie some twine round my cock then over the wall and round my neck over the cubicle wall again round my cock down under the wall round my two ankles and then tie it off back round my balls. I dare not move as might pull off my balls whatever was done to me front or back. He would leave me there for at least three hours. Initially it would be young boys using the park later a succession of dirty old men. He often would blindfold me so I didn’t even know who my tormentors were.

However the bully really enjoyed using me himself and once he knew I hated being fucked more than anything else he fucked me even if it meant he didn’t fuck his girl friend so often. He would invite her to watch hoping to make her jealous of me. I know she hated me and he often gave her the opportunity of venting her anger on me. He preferred to fuck me in my own bed and then lie there as I gad to pit in a show for the unseen camera. It was thus that finished me off as one night he had let himself into the house and was busy fucking me when my father came in. I had expected fireworks and my father to save me but all he said was, ‘I will use his mouth until you finished then we can swap over ends, I want to do him as well. It is about time that he satisfied his dad as well as everyone else. I will want him three nights a week – but you can have him each time when I have finished or use his other end.

This was a turning point in my life. I had thought that things could not get worse. How wrong I was! Now I had no one on my side. Teachers, older boys and even my father were all clearly in the other camp. There had been one or two boys in my form who had not been against me but it was made clear to them that by being friendly to me things would become worse for them. Also we were also all becoming sexually able. My cock was now twice the size it had been a short while ago and the same thing was happening to others. They were encouraged to use me for their fun. Even in class the teachers encouraged them to bully me. I had to pose nude for the art class. I was used for very explicit sex education lessons. I did virtually all sport naked or nearly so if we were visible from the road. When a boy attacked me in the playground I was punished very severely for fighting and he got off scot-free. Nearly all my punishment was six of the best in front of the whole school during assembly. While just one’s trousers normally had to come off, since I was allowed no underwear and my shirts tails had been removed, everything was on show! Moreover since I would erect from embarrassment. I would earn not only a double dose but also loss of my clothes for the rest of the day.

The clothes that I had been modelling had been clothes from yesteryear but now became nothing other than pornographic and that was before they were ‘adjusted’ by the older boys.

My father was only too happy if I was out of his hair except when he wanted sex. As a result most evenings and weekends were particularly unpleasant.

This all came to an end when the man who had been providing the clothes for me to model bought me from my father but that is another story and no more pleasant for me.