EuroProModel Andy Set 2

This is Andy’s second photo set. In this set, he is an underwear model. He wears different speedos and poses for the camera in different ways. His soft and smooth body shines under the studio light.

Please ignore the rest of this post. This is just a fictional story.

I was living thousands of miles from home. I’ve always loved to travel… a week in Nice, another in Cartagena. Marbella this week, Venice the next. At some point, however, I’d started traveling even farther from home. Much longer distances meant longer visits to foreign lands. When you visit a place for a week or two, you feel like a tourist. When you visit for several months at a time, you feel like you’ve moved there. You start to think you really do live there.

Most of the time, it’s an enjoyable experience to be among the locals. You feel like you’ve gained some credibility with them… they don’t look at you as just a tourist anymore. If you’re in a good, safe place with welcoming people, you’ll find yourself enjoying restaurants and attending events that the tourists never go to. You go off the beaten path and begin to experience what the place is really like, as though you yourself are a local. In many ways, you are. When you find yourself invited to a party and you are the only foreigner there, you feel really special. You feel like the people have accepted you and are happy you’re there, and recognize that you have something to contribute to their special occasion.

When big holidays are taking place back home, however, you may feel a little like you’re on your own. National holidays back home are often just another day in your temporary home. Nobody knows it’s a big holiday, and they certainly aren’t going to celebrate it. You adapt… and start observing and perhaps even celebrating the events that are significant in your new home.

But what about your birthday? You’ll probably feel funny telling people in your home away from home that your birthday is approaching. You wouldn’t want them to think you’re just trying to score a present, or that you expect them to throw a party for you. One year, I invited a local family with whom I’d become friendly to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday, and of course I was so happy they were spending the evening with me that I paid for everything. That’s a nice way to get people to join your celebration without burdening them in any way.

We went to a seafood restaurant with a large outdoor deck with beautiful views of the surrounding bay. It was a pleasant evening and the perfect way to celebrate. Years later, I remember this as one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had while traveling, not to mention one of my best birthdays ever.

There was, however, one other birthday which, in its own way, surpassed even that one. Again, I was living in a place far from home. But this time, also living nearby was a long-time friend of mine from back home. About a week beforehand, he asked me if I was doing anything special on the evening of my birthday. I told him I hadn’t planned anything other than a relaxing day at the beach. He told me that sounded great, but that I should leave my schedule open that evening for a visit to the home he was renting. We could watch a movie, have a few drinks, and enjoy a nice meal. That sounded perfect to me. I was past the age of wanting a wild party or anything to “celebrate” becoming a year older.

When my birthday actually did roll around, the weather was beautiful and, as planned, I had a great day at the beach. Lunch there was awesome, as always. And, despite the nice weather, I left a little earlier than I normally would, so I would have plenty of time to shower and get dressed and not be late getting to my friend’s house.

“Well, happy birthday old man!” he greeted me at the door, handing me an ice cold bottle of the local beer.

“Oh, thanks dude, it’s so nice of you to have dinner for me tonight, I really appreciate it. And if you call me old again, I hope you won’t be too embarrassed when you receive a beat-down from an elderly gentleman.”

“Okay, old man! Come on in and have a seat. I just cued up a movie for us. Dinner will be ready when the movie ends.”

“Sounds great, thanks so much!” Yes, I caught the old man comment. I let it go.

We sat in his living room, got comfortable, and started watching a movie. I noticed he kept looking at his watch, so I asked if he was nervous about dinner being ready on time.

“No, everything is fine, I’m just a little surprised that your present isn’t here yet. I specifically requested an arrival time of about fifteen minutes ago.”

“Oh, man, not only dinner, drinks, and a movie, but you got me a gift too?”

“Sure did. And not just any gift. But that’s all I’m saying. I want to keep the surprise going for as long as I can”.

“If you wanted to maintain the surprise, why not just go along like you were nervous about overcooking dinner?”

“I guess I should have, but I’m a little excited about your gift. I wasn’t thinking clearly. So let’s just watch the movie and wait for your gift to arrive. I’m sure it won’t be much longer”.

“Okay bud. Sounds good. And apparently, despite the fact that I’m the old man here, you’re suffering from some early-onset dementia, as evidenced by the fact that you damn near blew the surprise when I all but offered you a safe alternative on a silver platter!” There… I got even. And he just let it go. We resumed watching the movie again.

Ten or twenty minutes later, his doorbell rang. My friend paused the movie and motioned for me to stay put on the couch. I did as I was told. I hate spoiling surprises too, and knowing him, it would be a great gift. No point in ruining the “reveal” he had planned.

My friend went to answer the door, and I heard a brief conversation in the local language. He is very good at learning languages quickly, and he had really mastered conversation in this one. I was the opposite. I could hardly understand a thing anybody said in that language, including during this short conversation at his front door.

I heard the door close, and for a brief moment it was quiet. I admit to being a little giddy at that point. I figured he’d received a package and was about to present it to me.

That’s why I was surprised – to say the least – when two people walked into the living room. My friend, and my birthday present. And what a birthday present!

My nine year old gift had longish hair in a very fashionable style. He was dressed very handsomely. He had the most beautiful face and eyes, and an adorable smile with pink lips and perfect teeth. A tiny gold earring sparkled in his left ear. And, as I did a quick size up of him, I realized he had the perfect body. Boys around here are not known for having very rounded butts, but he was an exception with a perfect little boy bubble butt.

My friend pointed to me and my gift joined me on the couch. In minutes, I was laying there, watching the movie with him laying on top of me, also facing the TV. I wrapped my arms around him and tried to make him feel welcome and appreciated while I absorbed some of his soft warmth and beauty.

He was immediately into the movie, and I began caressing him and holding him close to me as he watched. It amazed me that he could be so interested in a movie when he couldn’t possibly have understood the dialog, which was in my home language. But he was clearly very comfortable with me and just seemed to have adapted completely to his surroundings. After a few minutes, he turned over to face me and I started a long, gentle massage of that shapely butt right through his clothes. The time I spent with that boy on the couch was pure bliss. Although we were both fully clothed and there was no sex, I was hard as a rock and leaking uncontrollably. That could have been all there was to it and I still would have thought I’d received the best gift ever. The opportunity to just hold and be close to a beautiful boy would have been enough to make my night, my birthday, in fact, my entire year!

After the movie finished, we had a delicious dinner and I had one more beer. While I thought a little buzz would probably enhance whatever was about to occur, I also knew that too much alcohol would turn the whole evening into a blur. It would have been foolish to miss out on this opportunity or not fully comprehend, enjoy, and be able to remember it because I’d consumed too much alcohol.

After our meal, my friend invited me and my sexy gift to use the bedroom. And at this point I have to mention that anybody who doesn’t really know what it’s like to love a boy would assume that my little present was scared, intimidated, coerced, forced, drugged or in some other way made to go with me. Quite the opposite was true… as I found out a little later on, he was completely into men and appeared to love what he was doing. I assume he was paid for it, but obviously not by me. But it did seem to me that however he was compensated was just the icing on the cake for him. Nine year old horn dogs really do exist, and some of them are as gay as can be.

We walked into the bedroom. We faced each other and I knelt down and hugged him. He was kind and mischievous enough to reach around, pinch my butt, and giggle. I motioned toward the shower and we got undressed and walked hand in hand into the bathroom. He was nothing less than stunning.

Showering together is one of my favorite things to do with a little boy. It’s so wonderful to see his sexy body up close, especially all wet and covered with suds. This little angel had not a single hair anywhere on his sleek body, except for his sexy stylish haircut up top. Holding his warm, wet, shiny, soapy, smooth body against mine, it was all I could do not to start sucking him right then and there. I loved using my hands to scrub him, massage him, caress him and pull him even closer. I shampooed his hair, carefully washed his face and ears, then down his neck and those lovely shoulders. Getting the soap in under his arms was delightful. And that led to his chest and his back, down his ticklish, velvety sides.

Oh, and that beautiful, protruding little boy belly was next. Then around to his back again, and lower. I put my face against his wet, soapy belly while my hands worked down to his butt. I wondered… why are the curves from his convex belly to his concave lower back so sexy, especially when he then bulges back out in the opposite direction to his smoother-than-silk ass? It’s absolutely one of the things I find hottest about a boy, and it was especially sexy on this one!

My hands washed his succulent butt, and with a soapy middle finger, I gently entered his hole for a thorough cleansing. Not sure if he would accept that, I hesitated until I saw his response, and it was shocking. For a brief moment he moaned, then put his lips against mine and massaged my tongue with his. My finger went deeper and deeper, and I withdrew and re-soaped it several times, on each occasion entering him as gently and carefully as I could. He relaxed his legs to lower himself, forcing my finger even further than I had intended. The goal was cleanliness, but the process was infinitely more satisfying – for both of us, it appeared!

He had incredibly beautiful, shapely, somewhat muscular thighs. Washing them for him was electrifying. Washing between them was even better. His little boy cock had already been erect, but as my hands slowly moved up those warm inner thighs, it not only attained full length and hardness, but it was also clearly throbbing with excitement. Like most boys there, he was uncut. But his foreskin was too short to cover his entire penis, especially now that it had lengthened fully. The head stuck out well clear of it, and looked utterly perfect, beautiful, and delicious. His little boy nuts hung close and tight underneath that amazing prepubescent cock, and I couldn’t help but rinse them with the warm water spray and then with my tongue. He moaned again. A long, dangling string of precum finally fell the short distance from my cock to the floor.

After I’d washed his calves and feet, I began drying him with a towel and then I covered him in a robe that was way too big. I quickly showered myself while he watched from the doorway, pointing at my cock and grinning while giving me a thumbs up more than once. I was thrilled to have met with this lovely boy’s approval. Even while covered by a robe with just his face and wet hair showing, he was the sexiest boy imaginable!

I completed my shower, dried off, and lay down on the bed. My gift, still wrapped in the robe, laid down beside me. I managed through a series of gestures that included pointing to the clock and the fan to let him know I wanted to just rest and cool down for a moment having just gotten out of the hot shower. He understood and put his fragrant hair in my face, his head resting next to my shoulder on the pillow, his hand caressing my chest, his leg finding a place to rest between mine. My hand found a comfortable place to rest right on his butt.

After I’d cooled down, I gave him a thumbs up, and he grinned. I held his hand and guided him into a sitting position on my chest. I held his shoulders and his back, and slid my hands a little further south so they could once again feel that perfect little ass. I pulled him toward me, and those ultra smooth and shapely thighs not only massaged my face, they also served to hold it in place, right where he wanted it. He slid forward slightly and I took that cock between my lips. My hands gently kneaded his ass cheeks. I motioned for him to pull his dick out of my mouth and I took his balls in its place. Ever so softly, I sucked on them and played with his butt, my hands occasionally roaming further to play with his sides and his thighs. I started to miss the taste of his penis and hungrily took it back into my mouth, sucking more deeply and faster now. He used his hips to begin thrusting that cocklet in and out of my face. Every motion of mine was not only matched, but in fact amplified by him. He was into whatever I wanted to do. And he reached behind himself and started to massage my dick with his hands.

That was too much! I was afraid we were both nearing orgasm so I motioned for a break in the action and he did as I asked. He lay down on top of me, and I felt as never before the indescribable sexiness of the contrast between old (well, not that old) and young, big and small, hairy and smooth. For five or ten minutes, we just lay there with each other. It was one of those rare events during which I told myself that if it could just be like this for ever and ever, life would be perfect.

After a few minutes, we started to play again. He took the lead, positioning himself for a sixty nine! With my hands on the backs of his beautiful thighs, I guided his balls and cock all into my mouth, all at once. Occasionally, I let them out so I could lick up that beautiful little boy butt crack, his sexy, fragrant cunt right on the tip of my tongue. I pushed my tongue in there and was eating him as he finally enveloped my tingling cock with his mouth. I was absolutely sucking his asshole and jacking his stiff cock while he gave me the blowjob of a lifetime. I was so glad I’d gotten him nice and tidy down there. There would be no way I would do this if I had any doubts. But he was perfectly clean and delicious!

Just the view literally in front of my face would have been enough to send me straight to orgasm. But his sucking, licking, kissing, and otherwise teasing my hard cock, plus his hand massaging my nuts, threatened to send me over the edge, and it was way too soon. So I separated my mouth from his butt long enough to utter something about stopping, and he understood. Time for another break.

By that point, I’d been flat on my back for some time and it was getting uncomfortable. So I slid up and rested against the headboard, and my gift re-positioned himself that way as well, with his back against my chest. He was essentially sitting in my lap, and I took the opportunity to massage his shoulders, back, chest, and belly. I reached in between those legs and played with his precious three piece set some more. We caught our breath and it was wonderful!

Boy’s butts are beautiful in my opinion… I guess I kind of covered that already. But I don’t really get into ass play. Aside from using a soapy finger to get in there and get everything tidy, I would never enjoy doing much more than I’d already just done with a boy’s ass. I’m such a clean freak, if a boy’s hole was smelly I’d have to stop sucking his dick. That’s really the reason why I love making sure their holes are nice and clean, not that doing so doesn’t have its pleasures, too. But as far as actually fucking, I’d be afraid I’d hurt him.

Until this night, never before had I eaten a boy’s hole, and it was extremely sexy. I started to think it had all been very satisfying and fun. Maybe the best way to finish enjoying my gift would be just to sixty-nine some more or maybe even just stroke each other to a simultaneous cum. But this was a night like no other, and my gift was a boy like no other.

After the brief rest, which I think we both needed, I touched his dick and he took that as the signal I had intended… it was time to get the party started again. Still sitting against me in bed with his back to my chest and my legs encircling him, he took my right hand and put it on his cock, motioning for me to stroke him some more.

I thought he wanted to stroke me while I stroked him. A simple mutual masturbation would be a nice way to finish.


This is one wild little birthday gift. He got up on his knees, still facing away from me. He grabbed hold of my cock, gave it a couple of strokes to make sure it was at maximum hardness, and – literally before I even realized what was happening – slid that beautiful, warm, wet with my saliva, tight young pussy right over it!

Then he turned his head around as far as he could to face me. And with the most devilish grin I’ve ever seen, he immediately and completely changed my mind about fucking him. Even the most amazing blowjob – which I ‘d received about five minutes prior – couldn’t hold a birthday candle to the feeling of his ass enveloping and riding up and down, up and down, up and down on my rigid, boyloving cock.

I gave in and grinned right back at him. I held his shoulders in my hands and let him determine everything. A little faster and deeper he went. Then he used his legs, still folded under him on the bed, to actually move his body so that my cock would produce the greatest sensations of pleasure inside him. I knew it wouldn’t last much longer. Somehow, I had the presence of mind to continue stroking his cocklet. When he started moaning again, I realized how close he was.

It wouldn’t be fair to say I was fucking him. It’s more like he was using my hard cock to fuck himself, and I was just a collateral beneficiary. Nonetheless, the sight alone of my comparatively huge, pedophile cock pistoning in and out of his incredibly tight, warm, wet, beautiful littleboypussy while I stroked his cock and massaged his thighs and soft belly was enough for both of us. When I heard his breathing deepen and increase in speed and felt a small warm wetness in my right hand, I lost it. I came right inside his hot little ass. And he wasn’t pulling it off my dick until I was finished spurting. Again, we caught our breath and just lay there against each other. Finally, he slowly began to pull himself off me when my cock began to soften. As he lifted that gorgeous little butt off me, a small stream of my cum leaked out of his hole, down my cock, and pooled on my lower belly. I was too spent to do anything about it. So my little gift ran to the bathroom, got some tissues and cleaned me up.

We got dressed and joined my friend back in the kitchen for some birthday cake. My friend called whoever had dropped my gift off and arranged a ride back home for him. I remember not feeling any desire to wish for anything for myself when I blew out the candles. My little gift had just given me what to this day remains one of the greatest experiences of my life. So I wished for a long, healthy, happy, and successful life for this beautiful boy who’d shown me so much love and affection.

“So, did you enjoy your gift?” my friend asked.

“Very much so, I can’t thank you enough.”

“I thought you would. I was just a little worried you might not be able to perform, you know, at your age and all.”

“You know, what you did for me tonight shows why you’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Yet, not surprisingly, you’re still a complete asshole.”

The three of us hugged. What a birthday.