EuroProModel Baca Set 3

Baca’s third photo set consists of screenshots from a video shot while he was training. This photo set has 99 photos. Download all photos in a zip file:

Please ignore the rest of this post. It’s just a fictional story. The theme explored in this story is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent video games or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

My name is Baca. I am 14 years old and am in the 8th grade of a high school in a big German city. My grades are good but could be better. I could have better grades because I am smart, but most of this school stuff bores me out. I must admit I dreamed more about what could I do with my friends after school than paying attention in class. Sometimes I even skipped classes and why not? I had better things to do and mom didn’t really care. But I like art and languages. I want to be a creative writer after my graduation. My language teachers say that I can write very well, my essays almost always get As. Karl thinks so too and he’s why I’m writing this to you. I’ll tell you later who he is. Only this for now: he wants you to participate in my and my family’s life. Is it true that there are people out there who like to read such stories where boys are humiliated, beaten, and forced to perform sexual acts? Please don’t do this! Please just leave me and my brother alone. Ok?

Karl will read what I write and says I must tell the truth about what I do and think but I’m not allowed to be rude to adults. Otherwise, I would have liked to call you perverts or cowards. But I can’t say that. I have to welcome you and greet you politely. Karl says especially the real men among you. The ones with big dicks. Men who don’t let anyone tell them what to masturbate to. Of course, it is also your right to jerk about me and my situation. What do I know, I’m just a little boy. You can also contact Karl. I’m sure he’ll be happy to send you my photos. He says maybe I can soon meet one of you in person, but only experienced men 50+ (Please, I beg you do not get in touch with him, but if you really can’t leave it: the email address is listed at the end).

I am not like other boys, although actually, I was quite an ordinary boy until recently. But my life is a lot different now. I would like to have my old life back, but I don’t know how to get it. I have to protect my family. I used to hang out with my friends after school. Cruising around town a bit, skateboarding in the park near the mall, checking out the girls. Now I go straight home after school. At first, my friends asked me what was wrong with me and I mumbled some weak excuses like I had to do errands for my mom or now I belonged to a sports club. They don’t ask any more. How quickly friendships can be lost.

EuroProModel Baca Set 2

I am now an outsider at school. Some even think I am gay. I’m not gay. I had a girlfriend. Jana, she is so pretty and smart. We even kissed after a concert. Then I had to break up with her. It hurt so much to look in her disappointed, confused eyes. Somehow I’m glad I can’t contact her any more. It would be too hard to bear. I am only allowed to speak to adults and family now. I heard she had a new boyfriend so I suppose she got over me pretty fast.

Virtually every game and app has been deleted from my smartphone. I’m only allowed to keep a couple of apps so they can monitor me. Karl of course and recently my parents too. It has some stupid parental controls on it. Just about everything is blocked except a messenger. There are no longer any contacts on it except Karl, mom and my stepdad. It is password protected which I don’t know so I can only answer calls from and make them to my contacts. When I take the bus home, I’m the only teenager who doesn’t look at his smartphone. All I can do is look out of the boring window.

Nowadays the journey seems to take so long but I arrive home eventually, but instead of using my key, I ring the doorbell. My stepfather introduced this rule because I once surprised Mom and him in the living room while they were having sex. His name is Richard, but of course, I call him Dad, which he and Mom think is cute.

If no one answers the door, I have to wait 5 minutes. Only then am I allowed to enter our house. My 10-year-old brother Tobias doesn’t even have a key. He is no longer allowed to go anywhere on his own anyway. Mom always picks him up from school, or Dad when Mom has drunk too much again. Or I have to pick him up. I like to do that, I like him and he is always happy when he sees me.

In the hallway are two wooden strips with childish designs, five hooks on each of them. The hook strips are much lower than the ones for the adults and guests, at our chest height, and both have our names written on them in colourful letters. Only socks, underwear and t-shirts are allowed to be worn inside the house. All other items of clothing must be hung up. So I take my clothes off right here in the hallway. Sandals first. I have no other footwear now, no matter what the weather is like. When I take them off, I always have to open the annoying strap all the way, just slipping out is not allowed. I put down the unliked crappy old-fashioned sandals neatly aligned with the floor tile. The school bag has to be put down here too, to prevent smuggling in “forbidden” objects. Since it’s a warm summer day, I only have my shorts to put on the hook today. Mom puts the clothes out for me to wear here in the morning. Any discussion is futile and just gets me a punishment.

A preview of the previous photoset

Everybody who visits us can read our names and see our stuff hanging there. Even the delivery guys can see them and think,.”They must be well-behaved little boys living here.” Of course, I do not know whether they really think that way, probably not. But having to disclose everything so openly makes me nervous. I am shy and want to draw as little attention to myself as possible.

No one seems to be home so I go upstairs with the necessary school stuff for homework in my hands.

My room is at first glance a normally furnished youth’s room, but it has a special feature. I have no privacy up here either. That’s because of the cameras. Not only the webcam on my laptop, which always has to be running. Two more cameras are on the ceiling, they can see into every part of the room. Richard has installed them all over the house. Even in the bathroom that I share with Tobias. I don’t know if there are also cameras in my parents’ bedroom or their bathroom because we’re not allowed to go in there. Karl has access to the cameras, of course. He shows me some footage sometimes, and it is always in frighteningly good quality. Even worse, Karl apparently also publishes some of it. Karl showed me videos of Tobias in a secret darknet forum (if you’re familiar with these sites you might know already “Soapy Tobi” “Best Moments from Tobias is looking at himself at the mirror” and “Tobi takes a dump compilation I-II.”). He let me read some comments too. Really bad and rude comments.

Karl threatened me that if I don’t behave, he’ll make sure someone will kidnap my brother and then do those things for real. I don’t think it’s an empty threat. I certainly wouldn’t put it past him.

I immediately go to my desk, open the messenger and write to him, like every day:


Hello Karl,
I hope you are well.
Do you have any tasks for me?
Yours, Baca.

Sometimes he replies instantly, but not today. I check the shared folder for new files. Today the weekly schedule is in there and an mp4 file. I listen to it and hear Karl’s voice talking to me.

Hello Baca!

How is my toy doing? You behaved great this weekend when dad invited his friends over. Since you have no more friends of your own, you’ll have to spend time with his. You were nice and polite, you didn’t interrupt anyone. How cute you were sat there wearing only your white briefs and shirt, keeping your legs wide apart, heels up, just like I taught you. The men congratulated Richard on how well behaved you are. When the party came to the fun parts, he sent you to bed and you left without grumbling, even came back in your childish pyjamas, to say good night to everyone with a hug and Daddy got a really sweet goodnight kiss. I am glad to see you are starting to really like your dad? I want to see that kiss every night from now on. That’s your special assignment this week: show your dad how much you care about him and how much you love him. Be sure to watch the attached video every night this week before you go to sleep! You must keep aroused watching it, but don’t even think of cumming!

I’ll see you tomorrow.

And don’t forget your last task, where you have to describe your everyday life in detail. I look forward to your first report

Be good


I do my homework now. I used to ‘forget’ to do it, but in my new life I always do homework right after school and I do it neatly and thoroughly. When I’m done, I take the work and my assignment calendar from school and any tests I might have got back down to my stepdad Richard. If he’s not there, I put them on the dining room table. He will check them, very strictly.

It started 3 months ago. Before then, Richard hadn’t shown much interest in me. Until, on Karl’s instructions, I had to ‘voluntarily’ bring him my assignments to check. The first few times he didn’t take it very seriously, but he started to enjoy the fact, that I didn’t object when he pointed out things that he thought were wrong. On the contrary, as Karl had ordered, I rewrote everything again making the changes he had said and presented it to him again. I could see how this boosted his ego and since then slowly more and more rules, regulations and punishments have been added by him.

I try to comply with them all to avoid being spanked, but every now and then Karl makes me provoke a punishment so that he has a reason to spank me with his belt. On such days, he and Mom usually have wild and loud sex. Overall, being strict parents has strengthened their relationship a lot. Before, mom was constantly changing partners. I am sure that was partly because of us kids. We usually didn’t like mom’s boyfriends because she was always less interested in us than when she didn’t have one.

But Richard has been around for months now and they are still happy. He seems to like to be the head of the family without anyone challenging or competing with him. Mom is also glad she has finally found a boyfriend her boys will accept. Everyone is happy, except for me and Tobias of course. Why do I play along with Richard? You’ve guessed it – because of Karl. He has me by the balls. Why my little brother puts up with all this? Because of me. I am not proud of that.

Before Richard became my dad, we had had a lot of hard times. Mom couldn’t control her drinking and made a serious mistake at work and was fired. The insurance didn’t payout, the court case was lost, and so on. I didn’t really understand everything at the time, but Mom really got into a lot of debt and we almost lost the house. Our neighbour Karl helped us out and paid all the debts. I don’t know where he got all the money. Anyway, the house, the car, and everything in it now belongs to him. We are allowed to stay. He also offered to waive the interest if I helped him twice a week at his place. Mom agreed immediately and I didn’t really mind either then.

Karl seems like a pleasant person if you don’t know him too well. Everybody likes him. But I now know his other side as well. The first time it was pretty much ok. But soon he became pushy, felt me up everywhere and I was supposed to touch him too. Of course, I didn’t like that and wanted to tell mom. But he told me what would happen to us if I didn’t do what he said. We would have to leave the house, Richard would leave us. Mom would still be left with a mountain of debt, start drinking again, and the Youth Welfare Office would separate us and put us in a home. Karl would make sure that I and Tobias would experience hell there. I would be begging Karl to get me out of there even for a few hours. And then I would have to do what he says anyway.

But if I keep my mouth shut and become his little toy, nothing bad would happen and mom would be happy. Especially now that Richard is there, her new boyfriend. Everything would be fine as long as I did what he wanted.

Karl had been a friend of the family since we moved there a few years ago and came over often, he still visits regularly. He always had some old-fashioned views, especially about parenting, but Mom never took his suggestions seriously. In retrospect, however, he did subtly exert some influence. The embarrassing nudist vacation two years ago, for example. Mom would never have thought of it herself. And I know why he always had his camera with him and constantly offered to take pictures of our family. Mom was happy to get pictures for free. She probably still doesn’t realise that Karl’s main goal was to take pictures of us kids.

Baca has a red towel around him

Anyway, Karl still makes plenty of ‘parenting suggestions’ nowadays. The difference between now and then is that Mom is grateful and listens to him. And with Richard, he’s preaching to the choir. Especially because it works. We are now much more well-behaved and accept him as our father. So now I am not only Karl’s little secret sex puppet, but also Daddy’s dear obedient boy. My brother and I hate all his completely excessive rules, prohibitions, and regulations, but we abide by them. Mom also seems to be slowly taking a liking to raising us strictly.

We have to wear these old-fashioned kids’ clothes now. Short trousers, cute t-shirts, sandals, knee socks, short dungarees, etc. We make total fools of ourselves at school, but our parents think that the ‘cool’ stuff you wear as a teenager today is a bad influence. They get away with it because I don’t dare fight it, Karl wants it that way. I have to pretend to like every silly piece of clothing mom suggests to me. It has got worse over time because of that and I don’t even own normal things any more, at least I don’t see them any more. The same goes for TV consumption, the internet, and music. I have seen only strictly U-rated stuff for months now. As I said I don’t complain because of Karl, and without me, Tobias is not strong enough to oppose them.

The really bad thing is, we are starting to get used to it. Children are hardwired to love their parents, that’s what nature intended. No matter how badly they might treat us. I like it when dad praises me and I feel guilty when I do something forbidden. So I obey him more and more often voluntarily, even without Karl forcing me to do it. Just to please and be a good son. We hate most of the rules, but by now we can’t imagine a normal life either.

I can hear Mom has just come home with Tobias and I go downstairs with the finished homework to greet her. My brother is already undressed and with his cartoon underpants down in front of Mom for the ‘cleanliness check’. Tobias always pays close attention to keeping his underpants spotless now, ever since I showed him how. He shakes his willy off after peeing and cleaning it up with some toilet paper and especially wiping his bottom properly to avoid skid marks.

You’d be surprised how many 10-year-olds don’t do that. Just a quick wipe is not enough. Especially not with Tobi, who has quite plump, fleshy butt cheeks that you have to push apart a bit to get to the ‘source’. He isn’t fat, but he still has that kind of sweet child’s bottom that some of you love so much. Round and plump. Anyway, we brothers had a lot of embarrassing toilet time together until he learned it. Karl found the video recordings amusing, as he told me later. I am glad that my brother doesn’t know about it. He has many admirers and his bathroom habits and toilet visits are extensively discussed in a separate thread somewhere in the darknet. There is probably something similar about me as well. I don’t even want to think about it.

You can tell mom is taking his check very seriously and making it as embarrassing as possible for my poor brother. Tobias looks at me sadly and frustratedly because he knows that his check tomorrow will bring a completely different result. Karl told me that another “baby week” is coming up for Tobias. So I had to instruct my brother that he will have stains on his underpants tomorrow. We have a special corner upstairs at the very end of the hall where we can have such conversations unobserved. Not much persuasion is needed any more, the last three months have made Tobias even more submissive than me. I’m really sorry for him, but if I don’t do it, it will be even worse for my brother. I just told him that he knows how much mom wants him to be a toddler again. Tobi can’t be angry with me for long, he has no one else.

What does Tobi have to expect when mom discovers the dirty underpants?

  • The last time it was a spanking from dad, every evening.
  • Instead of cartoon underpants, which are perhaps just acceptable for 10-year-olds, he gets much more childish patterned potty training underpants, that is, underpants with soaker liners and a rustling waterproof layer is sewn in. With tight cuffs at the waist and legs. Mom takes pride in sewing these herself. The training underpants are changed only once during the punishment week. If he can keep them clean, everything is back to normal, otherwise, the treatment is extended by a week. Last time it lasted three weeks.
  • He is no longer allowed to wash or go to the toilet by himself. Most of the time mom goes with him, sometimes dad. If both of them don’t feel like it or don’t have time, I have to take care of it.
  • Bedtime is 8:30 pm instead of 9 pm (I have to go to bed at 10 pm by the way) and the sheet on his bed is replaced with a PVC sheet.

Hence the pleading look from Tobias. But I can’t help him. If only my brother knew how many people he will bring joy to with the stained underpants. Mom loves being able to treat Tobias like a little kid again. Dad loves it because he can then punish the little one, who then becomes even more submissive to him. Karl is happy because he has come closer to his plan of making the 10-year-old permanently a will-less dependent toddler again. How do I know this? Karl told me. It amuses him that I can’t do anything about it. The men in the fetish pedo forum will have a festive week, there is even a live stream that runs from 8 o’clock including his spanking, washing, toilet routine, and mom putting him to bed until the 10-year-old is finally asleep.

I have to report honestly here and Karl already knows so I have to tell you that I find it arousing too and always look forward to it, especially when I have the opportunity to wash my brother. Before you laugh at me and make gloating remarks: I’m not proud of it and would love to go back to my old life where I could direct my sexual needs towards girls again like before. Although I’m horny all the time, I hardly ever get to masturbate any more. A year ago I needed to jerk off at least three times a day to even get my head straight.

Now I’m not allowed to at home, I couldn’t enjoy it anyway with all the cameras. In the early days of the new regime I did secretly go to the school bathroom when it became unbearable, but there I didn’t have any peace and it’s not the same. And Karl always seemed to guess and then I got punished. I don’t really know if he knew but when he challenged me he seemed to be able to tell that I was lying when I denied it. So I haven’t done it for ages honestly. I’m usually allowed to cum while being with Karl if he is satisfied with me. But that’s just a ‘ruined orgasm’ or kiddiecum, as he calls it, which gives me short relief but feels disappointing and only makes me hornier afterwards. And he makes me look at pictures of little boys while doing it. Can anyone blame me for being so horny that I now find my little brother’s body attractive? He is very sweet. And when he is sad and frustrated or even cries, the little one becomes even cuter.

Of course, I have to show off my white briefs too. These are made of very thin, semi-transparent fabric except for the area at the front. That means everyone can see my butt in them. After gym class at school, I try to change as quickly as possible. I’m the only one there with white briefs, everyone else wears boxers in dark colours.

I never have any issues with the yellow or brown traces, but sometimes my dick is leaking precum uncontrollably. Like any 14 year old, I have naughty thoughts all the time. Sometimes a sexual thought strikes me in the middle of a school lesson and I cum a bit in my underpants. So I always put some tissue in the front and take it out before mom checks me.

Mom, however, is apparently not as interested in my underwear as she is in my brother’s. Karl thinks that she is scared to because I’m older. Therefore he says I have to keep signalling that I still need physical closeness with my parents. I now have to give mom and dad hugs and kisses more often. Always try to cuddle them. Smile when they touch me. It has worked to some extent, sometimes mom pats me on the butt now and dad is also less shy about touching me than he was in the early days.

I clean the kitchen, with Tobi helping me and then we sit with mom on the sofa and watch some TV. To be more precise, we sit on the carpet, since us kids aren’t allowed to use chairs or sofas. But it’s still nice. Almost a bit like in the old days.

Dad arrives, we run to greet him. The joy is only partly faked. Even though we want to hate him because he is so strict, in a way we love him anyway. We both never had a real father and despite everything we are happy to have one now.

Dad wants to go ‘out into nature’ on his bike and wants us to come along. Tobias and I don’t feel like it, but we keep our mouths shut, put on our street clothes, and get our bikes out of the garage. Dad is wearing proper cycling clothes: Jersey, black cycling shorts, and sneakers. And he has a real mountain bike. We only have our old cheap kids’ bikes, so we have to make quite an effort to keep up with Dad’s pace. I make sure Tobias doesn’t get left behind so we both get scolded for being too slow. But it’s still a nice trip. It is sunny and our way leads along an idyllic river bank. We can even play a bit in a shallow spot in the river. Tobi is fooling around and I let myself get infected by him. Even dad joins in. Now we are glad that he brought us here. When we come back, mom has dinner ready and we sit down happily together.

Unfortunately, I forgot to clean the bikes afterwards, which is my responsibility. So I earned a punishment. Normally we have to be in our rooms at 8 pm. We are only allowed to watch TV on the weekends. Tobi goes to the bathroom at 8:40 pm, takes a shower, brushes his teeth. Then he puts on his pyjamas, comes downstairs again, and says good night. Hugs and kisses. Also for dad. He does this voluntarily now, although he had difficulties accepting daddy for a long time. Mom then usually takes him upstairs. I often see my parents switching the TV channel to the camera in the bathroom so they can check whether he washes properly. We have a timer in the bathroom that is set for 3 minutes. With it, we follow the rules when showering. 3 minutes of warm water, 3 minutes to soap up, and 3 minutes of cold water to rinse off. The cold water is particularly cold and unpleasant, but we don’t cheat no more. Because you can see exactly how the temperature is set via the camera. When dad caught us once, there was only cold water for a whole week. Then a maximum of 3 minutes toilet time and 3 minutes brushing teeth.

Can you understand now why I’m no longer masturbating in the bathroom? It doesn’t work in my bed either, the camera records immediately when something moves, even in the dark. I have “tested” it with Karl. He told me to jerk off in bed in the evening as inconspicuously as possible. He showed me the recording later and the ‘activity’ was clearly visible. He made clear to me that even if my parents did not notice a violation; he would spot it and punish me for it.

Exactly one hour later, I usually do the same ritual. But not today, at 8 p.m. I get the order to fetch the paddle, get a chair, pull down my underpants, and bend over it. My feet are fixed to the legs of the chair with Velcro tape and I have to hold on to the seat with my hands. Sometimes mom holds me.

I get 20 strokes with the paddle and 20 with his belt. I have to count aloud. Both are very painful, Dad does not hold back. He hits me on the thighs and butt with the paddle , but is careful with the belt so that I get weals on my butt only.

The really hard punishments always come on Fridays, so the marks can heal over the weekend. I have to thank him and promise not to forget my responsibilities again. Today the corner time is omitted and I must immediately make up for the mistake and clean the bikes and additionally all shoes. The mud has hardened by now, which makes the task more difficult. Dad keeps coming over to inspect my work and scolds me if I don’t do it right or don’t hurry. It takes two hours, then I’m done and he’s finally satisfied. I apologise again and am sent to bed.

After every spanking my bottom has to be visible at home for two days, so no underpants, no pyjama bottoms, and no covers at night. Even though it’s warm, it’s hard for me to fall asleep when my butt hurts and I don’t have a blanket. After all this, I still have a special task. I watch the 3 min video on my smartphone in bed. It shows mom and dad having sex in the living room. I don’t want to watch it, but Karl will ask me for details. Three times I have to pause to get stiff again. I watch it twice and pay attention to the little things. It’s hard to find a position to sleep. I can’t do it on my back, my butt hurts. I’m not allowed to sleep on my belly, because this counts as possible masturbation. So it will have to be a side position. Which side should the camera see? I decided to give it my backside.

I bet you are satisfied now? No? No one feels sorry for me? I can already hear you saying,.”This brat still thinks he’s the greatest. He manipulates his mother and father and even watches them having sex. He thinks he alone saved the family. He drags his brother into it. He deserves a much stricter treatment that will finally bring him back down to earth. Where he belongs. At the bottom of the hierarchy and without any importance.
Go ahead and write comments like that. I’m just a boy that wants his old life back.

But in a way you guys are right. I used to be an arrogant little shit sometimes. Being at the bottom of the pecking order in school now has opened my eyes to how disrespectful I was before. I promise I will work on it. But does it really have to be so harsh?