Boy Model Danie Set 6

Out of a 100 submissions, agency directors meet about seven to eight children and work at most with three of them.

Agencies that represent child models from birth to teenage receive several stacks of pictures and letters from parents and out of every day’s pile they generally meet two to three kids.

Your child’s chances of getting selected are high in the below cases:

  • The kid fits into popular clothing sizes.
  • You live in proximity to the agency’s office.
  • You are a capable parent – not pushy, good in handling rejections, can reschedule your day within a short notice, etc.

Your chances could be high if you personally know somebody in the industry. They can guide you and maybe connect you with the right people. Ultimately, it depends on your perseverance and preparation.

  • Click some good quality photos of your little one. The photos need not have to be professionally shot. One headshot and two full body photographs should be enough to start with.
  • Approach some genuine modeling agencies after proper research, and share your child’s photographs and details such as age, weight, and height.
  • Share the profiles with multiple agencies. Then you have to wait for casting calls, also known as go-sees.
  • They will get back to you if they like the profile, and you will have to take your child for auditions.
  • If your child gets selected in the audition, your agency will intimate you. After your kid is done with the work, the agency will cut 10 to 20% of the model’s pay.
  • Remember that legitimate agencies never ask for money upfront. They only take their cut once your kid gets work. Be wary of such cheats who feed on the excitement of parents.
  • Do not confuse between a model scout and an agency. A scout charges for clicking pictures of your child, which they eventually send to agencies. You can do this on your own.