Boy Model Danie Set 7

  • Your child may not be earning much from modeling as magazine and catalog shoots pay less. The rates are higher on the television and movies. Sometimes, very prestigious magazines or companies pay less but provide a good exposure to your kid.
  • Do not relocate to a new city or country for kick-starting your child’s modeling career as no agency can promise assignments. Alternatively, you can continue sending photos to modeling contests and competitions online.
  • For modeling assignments, children often require to take leaves from school. Whenever your child takes a day off from school, keep the permission letter ready as most agencies will ask for it.

Your child may not get an assignment immediately after being selected by an agency. There is a process for that.

Here is what happens after signing up:

  1. Go for auditions and go-sees: Your child may have to attend many cast calls before getting selected for their first assignment. These go-sees are usually tiring, and sometimes you may have to stand in a queue with more than 200 children waiting for their turn.
  2. Additional photos: You may have to expand your child’s portfolio depending on the client’s requirements.
  3. Quick process: Once you get your turn, the process gets over in a couple of minutes. Often your kid will be asked to try out the outfits.
  4. The scope of work: Child models mostly work for in-store advertisements, magazines, catalogs, and store circulars.
  5. Commitment: The work opportunities of your child will greatly depend on your patience and commitment. You may have to attend multiple go-sees in a day or none for several weeks.

Do remember that not every child will be successful in getting modeling assignments. Don’t make success so important that your child feels dejected about the ‘failure’. There is a long, promising life in front of them and myriad careers to choose from.

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