M2M Paul

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Don’t pay attention to the rest of this text. People are discriminated against because of their race and social position every day. This has been going on for hundreds of years. In Mexican White Boy, Paul and Uno were discriminated against by people around them for being different, but along the way of discovering themselves, they form an unbreakable friendship.

Paul came from a family where his mom is white and his dad is Mexican. He was made fun of at school for being white by the Mexican kids and made fun of for being Mexican by the white kids. He tried out for the baseball team, and they made fun of him for not making it because he was Mexican. He didn’t fit into any group. So that summer he went to stay with his aunt, uncle, and his cousin Sofia, in National City, California. He was in a place where everyone was Mexican. Even though he was Mexican he still didn’t fit in because he was also half white. He didn’t know any Spanish like the rest of his friends and family did in National City. That made him feel left out when they would speak in Spanish. They still accepted him though.

Uno was a half black and half Mexican kid. He grew up in National City with his mom, step-dad, and his brother Manny. His family is a little crazy, his dad wants him to live with him in Oxnard, his step-dad gets drunk and hurts him and his mother, and his brother is in a mental hospital. He gets made fun because his brother is mental, and he takes it and fights back, also because he is black. He speaks Spanish and acts like the rest of them but he looks black so they make fun of him. He wants to move to Oxnard with his dad because he doesn’t like how his step-dad hurts him and his mother, and makes fun of his brother. He is tired of being discriminated against because of who he is.

People discriminate against other people now in generation to. It just isn’t specific people; it’s anyone who they can take advantage of. The kid that is shy, the new kid, the kid that is an artist, the kid who is getting hurt at home and anyone else they can hurt. People have killed themselves and injured themselves because those people that hurt them make them feel so bad they can’t take it anymore and just loose it all. Nobody should be bullied, but people don’t even realize they are doing it sometimes, and it goes too far.