Tinymodel (Newstar) Sonny 1

Tinymodel (Newstar) Sonny 1 is a blond boy model with beautiful blue eyes. He shot 110 photosets for the Newstar modeling agency. He has photosets both with his hair short and long.

TinyModel Sonny 1

How many Photosets does Tinymodel Sonny 1 do?

Tinymodel (Newstar) Sonny 1 did the first 110 photosets of the Tinymodel Sonny site. You can find both his short-haired and long-haired sets among those 110 sets.

TinyModel Sonny Set 29 Photo 4

Did Tinymodel (Newstar) Sonny 1 Shoot Nude Sets?

There are no nude sets of Tinymodel Sonny 1 ever leaked. It’s unknown whether he has shot nude sets for special clients or not. Even if he has done nude sessions, there is nothing publicly available.

Newstar Sonny Set 4 Photo 23

Where is he from?

Newstar Sonny 1 is a European boy. He is probably Polish, but his nationality is yet unknown. Most of Newstar models are from Poland, by the way.

Newstar Sonny 1 Set 67 Photo 60

What are Sonny 1’s hobbies?

Tinymodel Sonny 1 loves video games. He spends a lot of time every day playing Xbox games. He also exercises and meditates. He used to play in a park near their home when he was a little kid. His current hobbies are unknown. All we know are his hobbies as a child.

TinyModel Sonny Set 65 Photo 52

How to Download all Tinymodel Sonny Photos?

We have all his photo sets uploaded and you can download Tinymodel Sonny full sets. Another option is to use the Tor Browser to access hidden onion services that share his full archive for free. You can download all Tinymodel Sonny photos on those onion sites.

TinyModel (Newstar) Sonny Set 64 Photo 60

How does Sonny 1 Look like?

Sonny is a cute slim blond boy with beautiful blue eyes. He somehow looks like Newstar Jimmy 1. Many of his fans commented that they love his smiles and laughs. He is among the best boy models ever in related communities. Just check out his photos on this page and find out yourself!

Newstar (TinyModel) Sonny Set 61 Photo 57

Are Tinymodel and Newstar the Same Thing?

No. Newstar is the name of the modeling agency ran by Pavel Rohel shooting a wide variety of modeling photos. Because the term Newstar got censored in some search engines after a while, they came up with the term Tinymodel to make their model names unique. The term Tinymodel helped them come up in search engine results again.

TinyModel (Newstar) Sonny Set 55 Photo 29